Here We Go Again

On April 27, 2020 I posted my first article on this blog. Ten days later I posted my last article on this site. I had hoped for so much more. This blog is as much about personal discipline and development as it is about influencing others.

So what happened. I suppose that the few people who read this will already know what happened, but just in case… here it goes.

In the middle of May of 2020 I underwent the first of two surgeries; the second being a month later. As I was recuperating, I told myself it would be okay to suspend my blog until early July. However, in late June my health began to go south. The problem didn’t appear to have anything to do with the surgeries. A gradually increasing list of symptoms started to manifest themselves, including loss of appetite (I know that is really hard to believe about me), significant weight loss, breathlessness upon very slight exertion, muscle weakenss, and some cognitive and neurological difficulty.

By the middle of August and after two visits to the ER for dehydration among other things, my primary physician put me in the hospital hoping to be able to find out more quickly via a slew of tests what in the world was bothering me. Five days, 6 specialists, and umpteen tests of various kinds later, I was discharged without any answer.

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