A Short Series: Making A Difference

In this short series of blog posts we will look at some very simple ways to affirm the dignity of the people we meet…

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We have come to expect that it will take a significant investment of money, time, energy, focus, relationships, and the like if we ever hope to accomplish something significant with our lives.

But just suppose that one worthy goal for our life may not actually be so very costly at all. I’m thinking of something that anyone can do if they so will. I’m thinking of something that can be quite profound, precisely because we can touch so very many people. But what I am thinking about will, almost certainly produce an intriguing ROI (return on investment.) Our investment will be really very small; the potential return enormous.

I must confess, what I’m thinking about won’t earn anyone a Nobel Prize, a worldwide reputation, nor a career position with an over-the-top salary. However, it is something that can make a difference, a little at a time, a person at a time; even though we may never be able to actually see tangible results.

But first, I’d like to think that we can all agree that a significant percentage of the people with whom we  daily come into contact are feeling beat-up, let down, passed over, or trodden under. Life is hard. We are fallen people, living among fallen people, in a fallen world. We see the results everywhere. It is a reality which touches us all. The truth is that we are all both the victims and the victimizer in this tragic state of affairs.

If that is true, then it also means  that  we have many opportunities each and every day to impact a person, or two, or three, in a meaningful way; in a way in which they may be encouraged or lifted up, for just a few moments, for the rest of the day, or maybe, on rare occasion, for the rest of their life.

Imagine then, being a soldier in an army of people who are committed to honoring the God designed and declared dignity of all human beings, all other human beings, wherever we find them. Now then, if that were only true, we could dare to be overtaken by a vision where those seconds, and those days, begin to really add up.

What I’m talking about is blessing people, any people, and doing so just by treating them with respect in the moment. I’m thinking that our every encounter, no matter how brief, as a divinely opportunistic encounter.

In this short series of blog posts we will look at some very simple ways to affirm the dignity of the people we meet, perhaps making a difference for that moment, or maybe for that day, or perhaps even for the duration of that life.

And in my worldview, this is ultimately done for the glory of God.

Soli Deo Gloria

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  1. little girl: Photo by Singkham from Pexels
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  3. old women: Photo by Pixalbay from Pexels

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